Living With Psychosis – How Your Language Can Hurt

If you throw around the words 'psychotic' or 'delusional' to describe someone you disagree with, or roll it out when you've been hurt or upset - then you can't call yourself a mental health advocate, or say that you care about mental health. There, I've said it. People have said to me, "But surely delusional [...]

How To Sensitively Talk To Someone Having Suicidal Thoughts

It can feel incredibly tough to talk to someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts, but it's so important to have these conversations. We often worry about making the situation worse if we talk about it, but actually, we could just end up alienating that person by not talking about it. Language is a powerful tool, [...]

Managing Sleep

I know a ton of us, especially right now when we're under lockdown, are struggling to get a good night's kip. How can a lack of sleep affect us? I'll also look at some tips and advice that have helped me along the way. Why is sleep so important? Sleep refreshes us, it keeps us [...]

We’re being told to ‘reach out’, but what does this mean, and how do we do it?

We’re being told to ‘reach out’, but what does this mean, and how do we do it?

When you live with mental illness you're often told to 'reach out' for support. But how do you actually do this?  I'm a mental health writer and advocate, and often find myself telling people to 'reach out' when they're struggling. I stress how honesty and openness is important, that you can't move forward without sharing [...]