One of the most rewarding aspects of blogging is helping to raise awareness. Stigma towards mental health issues is still rampant and the more that can be done to break down the barriers the better. There are a number of wonderful charities, organisations, news and media outlets and individuals who are helping to do this. It has been a privilege to be asked to work with the following campaigns and websites.

  • Mind is an extremely useful resource for anyone with or caring for someone with a mental health problem. My blog, ‘Hearing Voices with Bipolar Disorder’ can be found here
  • Time to Change is a campaign that focuses on raising awareness of mental health problems. My article about bulimia, can be found here For World Bipolar Day 2018 I wrote an article about my experiences of bipolar, that can be read here
  • Brighter Berkshire is a Berkshire initiative that is passionate about raising awareness, reducing stigma and improving support for mental health in the local community. My vlog about hearing voices was featured here I have also written a blog post for them entitled ‘Acceptance’ that can be read here
  • The Huffington Post I am a contributor for Huff Post and have several articles on their site. Read them here
  • The Counselling Directory is an online resource for finding a counsellor in your area. I wrote an article about how I deal with bipolar in my everyday life, that you can read here
  • TimeWith I am currently working with TimeWith, and have affiliate links on my blog. It’s a website that matches people with therapists in their area. I’ve written an article ‘5 Bipolar Myths Debunked’ that you can read here Check out the TimeWith website here 
  • BBC three online have an entire section on their website for health and well being. I wrote an article about my love/hate relationship with Bipolar, which you can read here I was also involved in this short video about what not to say to someone with Bipolar. Watch it here
  • BBC Stories I’m featured in this video about hearing voices It was my pleasure to be involved in the fantastic and informative Like Minds series.